Facebook Previews…

If you haven’t liked our Facebook page yet then you might not be aware of these work in progress shots we showed off a few weeks ago.

So you don’t feel completely left out, here are some of the most recent images. These vehicles are due for release over the next few weeks so not long to wait!

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M3 Lee. Good for US, Soviet and British armies!

The M3 Grant. British variant of the M3 Lee. How many rivets…

British Cruiser A9. Armed with twin MG turrets in addition to it’s main gun, the A9 is a distinctive looking tank which fought during the early war in France. We will be converting it for use in the desert soon too!

British Cruiser A10. Similar to the A9 above but slightly better armour and the removal of the MG turrets are the key differences. Again, this version is most suited to the BEF.