Event: Warlord Games travels to Historicon 2014!

We are about a week away from arguably the largest historical wargames show in the USA, as the Fredericksburg Expo & Convention centre once again opens it’s doors to over 3,000 gamers, modellers and collectors  – Historicon 2014

The theme this year is Big Wars – Little Soldiers, World Wars throughout time. And as we have already shown we are proud to have our resident sculptor Wojtek create the superb giveaway figure again this year. Featuring Dick Winters from the 101st US Airborne (many of you will have seen him and his Band of Brothers in the eponymous TV series). Mounted atop replica dog tags, this metal miniature will be a true collector’s piece and is given free to those lucky enough to go to the event.




Only available Historicon? But what of those of you who can’t attend? As with last year, the event organisers have kindly allowed us to make it available on general sale via our website whilst Historicon is live (July 17th -20th). This is strictly on a first come first served basis so be sure to get yours early. They will also be on sale during our Warlord Games Day on the 26th July.

As this year is the show’s 30th anniversary we’re also sending two Warlord emissaries to the show!

Flying over from Warlord HQ in Nottingham are our resident sculptor, Wojtek (he’s Polish, you know). He’ll bringing over plenty of examples of his work and will happily explain how he produces his mini masterpeices (we are convinced it’s because they are the same size as him…). Drop by and say hello, ask him about his sculpting but whatever you do, don’t get him wet or feed him after midnight…

Accompanying Wojtek on his Transatlantic expedition is Andrew Chesney. ‘Ches’, as he’s more commonly known,  will be around to talk about all the new and exciting projects Warlord are working on. He will be sharing his time between the games in the main hall and the retail stand, run by Doug at the Eagle & Empire store. They should have more than enough goodies between them to keep you happy!

So if you have even the faintest interest in historical wargaming then be sure to pop on down to Fredericksburg and join ion the excitement.