“Doctor, Nothing Will Stop It!”

Not only is this a quote from the excellent 1958 science fiction horror movie, The Blob, but it’s also an apt description of the state of the Warlord Games staff. It just keeps on growing likes some vast, interstellar protoplasmic menace! Well, alright, it’s not quite that bad but in addition to Gareth (Ogryn) who we introduced in last week’s newsletter and web site article we’re delighted to introduce another member of the Warlord team – Steve!

Steve Morgan:

A direct descendant of the one and only Henry Morgan, dread pirate and all-round bad fellow of the Spanish Main. This means he has a colourful turn of phrase and a passion for birds (parrots – mainly…) and shiny things – like new Warlord metal models.

Unfeasibly tall, Steve’s hobbies include bashing Roundheads in battle re-enactments, pushing his huge Celtic chariot army around the tabletop, and consuming unlikely quantities of foreign spirits in a frightening manner. A staunch Shrewsbury Town fan he and Paul can often be found boring John with tales of lower league football.

Steve’s currently spearheading Warlord assault on trade accounts worldwide. Steve’s a very approachable and pleasant chap so if you’re looking to stock or distribute our products get in touch with him on steve@warlordgames.com. Better do it before Happy Hour though…