Disturbances in the IMTel – 03 May 2016

What follows is a series of intercepted and decrpyted transmissions of unknown origin – we are still working to fully triangulate the exact location of broadcast… there seems to be some sort of focus in-or-around the Warlord Games design studio – this is however yet to be confirmed.

Images have been acquired from an Oszoni Freeborn mercenary company of Ghar troops the like of which have not been previously encountered. Whether these are a new formation within the Ghar Empire or a splinter from it cannot be confirmed. The repurposing of Algoryn and Concord weaponry is a new development.





Reports continue to circulate of a renegade Ghar Outcast, known only as Fartok, attracting a growing force of rebel Ghar. Their objectives are unknown at this stage. A C3 scout probe captured this image of one the battle walkers utilised by the commanders of Fartok’s force. More as we receive hard facts…



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