Demobilisation! Wave 1

Our huge range of miniatures needs a bit of a spring clean – it’s time to pull some things back from the front line for some R&R. It’s time for demobilisation!

Demobilisation! Wave 1. These models are being retired for some much needed R&R.

Last Chance to Buy!

Over the last ten years eleven years, we’ve added a huge number of miniatures to our range – covering a massive swathe of history. From the early beginnings of civilization in the Bronze Age to the vast expanse of space beyond the Gates of Antares.

Some of these miniatures need a bit of a spruce up – moulds need remaking and sculpts need updating. To make sure our customers get the best product possible, we’re retiring some of our products.

These aren’t all gone forever, and some we’ll re-release alongside books and other new releases later in the year.

For now, this will be your last chance to get your hands on these models. Check out the collection on the Web Store for a look at what’s on the way out.

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