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New: Cruel Seas – IJN Daihatsu-class landing craft

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Transport your troops to the next Island you wish to conquer with the IJN Daihatsu-class landing craft!

Picture of 785112016 Imperial Japanese Navy Daihatsu-class landing craft

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The Daihatsu-class landing craft was a 14-meter long troop transport constructed of metal and powered by a diesel engine. Potentially armed with weapons up to 37mm in size, it was quite seaworthy and could travel at 8 knots for 50 miles carrying 1 type 95 tank or 70 men.


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Conquer the Pacific!

The IJN Fleet Contains:

  • 6 x T-14-class MTBs (metal)
  • 3 x Maru-Ni kamikaze boats (metal)
  • 3 x Shin-Yo kamikaze boats (metal)
  • 4 x large Sampan (resin and metal – two of each canopied boat)
  • 1 x Escort Type Hei minesweeper (resin & metal)
  • 1 x Aichi D3A ‘Val’ (metal)
  • Ship Cards
  • Plastic Torpedo markers


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