Campaign Gigant Scenario: Battle for of the Great North Road

The Germans have pushed further north. People of Peterborough, this is a call to arms! – Let’s take a look at just one of the action-packed scenario’s to be found in the Operation Sea Lion part 2 Campaign: Gigant book!

Situational Report

Okay, this is the big one. Kampfgruppe DEK Centre and the O’Connor Force meet head-to-head near Peterborough to decide the fate of nations. If the DEK win they will go on to wreak havoc in London. This will force Montgomery to recall one of Britain’s armoured divisions to defend the city, weakening the British armoured drive to the beaches and thus possibly saving the German invaders of Kent – at least in the short term. But if O’Connor wins, the remnants of the DEK will be destroyed. British 1st and 2nd Armoured Divisions will go on to carve up the German beachhead and the invasion will be defeated. Scenario 2: Meeting Engagement in the Bolt Action rule book is an ideal template for this battle.

Be sure to make the map rural and have enough houses!

British Forces

Select from the O’Connor Force list.

German Forces

Select from the Deutsche England Korps (DEK) Kampfgruppe Reinforced Platoon List.


At the end of the game calculate which side has won by adding up victory points as follows. If one side scores at least 2 more victory points than the other then that side has won a clear victory. Otherwise the result is deemed too close to call and honours are shared – a draw! Players score 1 victory point for every enemy unit destroyed.

Don’t forget, this doesn’t have to be just the ‘Battle for the Great North Road’, make your home town the feature of a desperate battle and send us your battle report by signing in to the ‘Invasion Britain’ summer campaign, dropping us a line with a couple of pictures to:
Or share with everyone over at the Warlord Facebook page

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