Hobby: Borodino!

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We were recently sent photos of a massive game based on the Battle of Borodino and just had to share them with you. Read on…

Marking the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino, 20 wargamers from Southern Australia and New South Wales met to do battle in grand style.

With a figure ratio of 1:20, with every engaged Corps and Division from the battle represented there were over 5,000 miniatures on a playing surface of over 240 square feet!

As anyone who has tried to organise a game with more than a couple of mates will know, it can be like harding cats. To organise a game on such a glorious scale is testament to those involved – we’re very jealous!

Amazingly the game was played to a conclusion in a single day! Just like the original battle two centuries ago.

We won’t spoil it by saying how the battle went – check it our for yourself in more detail at Sparker’s Wargaming blog.  You’ll love the French commander’s wifes message…


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