New Release: US Airborne Command

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The US Airborne troops were always at the pointy-end of the action and weren’t found wanting. So whether you’re looking to recreate the actions of Easy Company, 101st Division ‘Screaming Eagles’ or one of the other American Airborne forces look no further than our Warlord Games line of US Airborne. Now you can add command to your regiments with our US Airborne Command:

US Airborne Command 1

US Airborne Command 2

As you can see our US Airborne Medic is not wasting any time getting into the action to assist his injured mates. Bedecked with medical bags and carrying musettes and other medical supplies in his helmet as he runs from casualty to casualty he’ll keep your troops in fighting condition. Anyone who has seen the superb TV series Band of Brothers will think no further than Doc Roe…

More often than not wearing a radio in the field made you a primary target for enemy sniper fire. Our US Airborne Radioman seems well aware of that fact and is not wasting any time bringing artillery fire to bear in support of his squad as he lets loose with his carbine.

Last and not least, one of the US Airborne officers in the pack – he’s obviously leading from the front and yelling back for his squad to “Take that hill!” or peering around the corner of a building as his troops storm another town. A very nice touch isn’t easily noticeable on the photos here – he’s wearing a looting German belt and Luger holster…

All of these finely detailed, new miniatures are now available in the Warlord webstore!

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