Blood Red Skies: Introduction Video Series

Designer Andy Chambers looks at the upcoming Warlord Games release of Blood Red Skies the WW2 massed Air Combat game

Good afternoon pilots, at ease! Now, today’s mission is to understand how we get our crates into the air and prepared for combat in Blood Red Skies, settle back and observe these tutorials, we will answer questions at the interval…

Released to coincide with the 100 year celebrations of the formation of the Royal Air Force (1918-2018) – and with pivotal events such as Dunkirk, the Battle of Britain, and Operation Sea Lion fresh in our minds – Warlord is bringing us fully fledged, fast action, large scale table top dogfighting!

Blood Red Skies Introduction

With Blood Red Skies you take the battle to the skies, controlling dozens of fighters per side in immersive World War Two aerial dogfights.

This game has been in development by renowned game developer Andy Chambers since 2012 and can now proudly be brought to life by Warlord Games.

In this series of videos Andy will take you through the sequence for game play as well as an advanced look at prototypes as they arrive! To be the first people to find out about updates, news and the latest on the game sign up to the Blood Red Skies Facebook here!

Blood Red Skies Battle Report 1


Blood Red Skies – Advantage System

Andy Chambers take a look at the special game mechanic – Advantage;

The Blood Red Skies set includes 12 1/200th scale coloured plastic aircraft (Grey for German, Brown for British) – no paint or glue is required and even the national symbols are included as peel and place stickers – the essential Blood Red Skies Advantage flying base, plus all you need to start playing this fast action packed Dogfighting tabletop game…

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Blood Red Skies – Activation Sequence and more!:

Andy Chambers talks you through the activation sequencing;

Blood Red Skies Expanded Rules cards

An Interview with Andy Chambers

With mission scenarios ranging from small squadron patrols & dogfights to bomber escorts with dozens of aircraft a side, we can easily see Blood Red Skies providing an extra element to your games of Bolt Action – does your air support arrive or did enemy fighters drive it back? A new twist for your larger campaigns perhaps…

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