Battle Report: Rumble in the Mall


We thought for our first battle report we’d try a classic game of Judges versus a Street Gang. Coincidentally these are also the two gangs in the Judge Dredd boxed starter game.

Our campaign has only been going for a short time but already there have been a lot of games played. Bernard’s Street Gang had already increased from its starting value of 500 credits to 770 credits. Steve’s Judges, on the other hand, lost one of their number in his first game and his gang was now worth 490 credits. Imbalances are solved by the lower value side being able to make up the difference by using mercenaries; either specialist unit types from Juves to Holocaust Judges, or characters from the comic books including the legendary lawman himself. As we were looking for a fun game, Bernard just took eight members and Steve made up the points difference with a Med Judge – hoping to avoid a repeat performance.

Rumble in the Mall

The premise for the game was simple – the Judges had come to investigate the shopping mall that the Juves had taken over. It would be a straightforward Street Rumble, where two gangs are trying to take each other out. The winner would be the last man standing.

We set up the table using the new Deadzone terrain pack, plus Shipping Crates and Quick Deploy Barriers from our Warmill range. Check out our full range of Judge Dredd scenery.


First Moves

Not one for subtlety Steve set his judges up first in the open, ready to run into cover if he got first turn. Models get two actions each turn and these can be any combination of move, shoot, melee or special actions.

Bernard set up his Punk with a heavy spit gun behind a wall on a raised platform, ready to lay down some cover. The rest of the gang was in two groups. Two Juves, Lolisa and her laser pistol, plus Alvin, would go round and try to flank the Judges. The gang leader, a Punk called Lucía, would lead the other Juves and try to get the Judges to arrest them.

The heavy spit gun quickly got a couple of shoot actions off at Riot Judge Morgan, but it bounced off his cover. He died to Judge Morgan’s returning fire. There are two types of cover in Judge Dredd, light and heavy cover. Both make it harder to hit but hard cover also increases a model’s armour rating.


Arrest Those Punks!

As the Judges got closer to the Juves the arrest checks started. Judge Morgan and Rookie Judge Harris ordered the Juves to put down their weapons and surrender. In the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, Judges cannot simply open fire on suspected criminals – they must try to arrest them first. We used counters to mark which models had not yet resisted arrest.

Morgan then tried to arrest Lucía, who in turn shot at him using her Dual Pistol skill, dealing him two damage (he can only take three). She managed to dodge his first return shots but her luck soon ran out and she died in the second hail of bullets. Shooting is resolved by rolling dice and adding a model’s Shoot score, models then try to dodge out the way by rolling a die and adding their Agility score.

Lucía’s brother Albin resisted the arrest attempt by Judge Harris but could not resist the Executioner Rounds from Harris’ lawgiver. Most guns will just fire one shot but Judges are equipped with Lawgivers that allow them to choose different ammunition types. Executioner Rounds fire three.

The Med Judge then ordered Bastas to surrender and without his sister’s leadership he just gave up – the first successful arrest of the game!

Concentrated Firepower

Senea and Dwene tried to separate in order to split up the Judges. Judge Yates, who so far had been leading from the rear, advanced towards the Senea and fired wildly at him, his third shoot action taking him down, while Judge Morgan took down Dwene. Judge Yates had acquired the Wild Fire talent previously and so could fire his Lawgiver three times for a single shoot action. Potentially this means he can fire eighteen shots a turn!


Sneaky Tactics

Creeping round the side, Lolisa and Alvin had moved behind one of the local shops so she could fire on the Judges from the rear.

From behind a wall, Lolisa leapt out and shot Morgan in the back, backed up by Alvin and his club. In return Judge Morgan tried to shoot her with his riot foam. She dodged out of the way but poor Alvin got caught. The other Judges all opened fire but missed.

She then ran up and shot at Judge Morgan point blank with her las pistol. The cutting power of a laser pistol can make a mockery of most armour but Riot Judges do not wear most armour and the shot just bounced off.

Judge Yates then went for glory and tried to shoot her. Unfortunately, although typical for him, he missed, but she was finally taken down by Judge Morgan. Alvin at last passed his Agility test to escape the riot foam, but having failed to come quietly was mercilessly gunned down by the Judges. At least he wouldn’t be reoffending.


No Crime Goes Unpunished…

After the game we rolled to see what injuries were sustained, what new skills were generated and how much income territories earn.

For the Street Gang the rolls did not go well.

Lucía had been shot with a 2 Damage weapon and Bernard rolled a ten – the die roll and damage were added together to see what happened. She was dead, the Gang leader gone.

The Juve that the Med Judge had arrested then rolled and was shot while escaping and died.

Two of the other Juves also died, which included the gunned down Alvin.

Benet and the two others survived unscathed and Lolisa survived with just scratches.

Justice Department promotions

The Judges fared a lot better.

Judge Yates, the leader, went from level 3 to 4 and Riot Judge Morgan went from Level 2 to 3. As a minion and not a hero, the Rookie Judge Harris doesn’t gain any experience, although after five games can be upgraded to a hero. His job done, the Med Judge just went home – mercenaries don’t gain skills either.

We have created a group on Facebook and use that to keep track of our campaign. After every game we put a report up for the others to see. These stories are really helping our campaign world take shape.

Bernard’s story was: 

With the deaths of Lucía, Albin, Bastas and poor no-gun Alvin we lament.

Judge Morgan and Rookie Judge Harris will feel our wrath.

We may also get revenge on Judge Yates if anyone can provide a description of him, as his skill at leading from the rear means no one could see his face.

Steve’s story was: 

Judges Yates and Morgan were on their Lawmasters, escorting the Med-Wagon that contained what was left of Bredgaard and the rookie back to the Sector House.

“What’s that sign?”

“Looks like this is the old Saint Bury’s Mall. There’s been reports of gang activity round here, nothing serious, just a Juve gang. The Family or something. We’ll bring them in later.”

“How about now? I could do with working off some steam. We’ll pull over, go in on foot, there’s some rough looking terrain there.”

The Lawmasters and Med-Wagon pulled on to the side of the road. Harris leapt out of the back of the Wagon along with one of the Med-Judges. Judge Yates shot him a quizzical look.

“Thought I’d help you guys out. It’s not like I can do anything for them.”

“Makes sense. We’re a Judge down, so the extra Lawgiver won’t hurt. Just don’t get in the way.”

They set on their way. Just a few metres past the entry to the mall there came a shout, “Fregg you judge this is my mall. Come on down if you think your hard enough.“

The ground exploded as a Heavy Spit Gun roared into life.

“Take him out, Morgan!”

There was the sharp crack of Execution rounds and a body fell from a balcony.

“They’re all around us! Hi-Ex!”

“No, they’re Juves, we’ve got to bring them in. Read them their rights.”

A barrel disintegrated next to Morgan.

“It doesn’t look like they’re the reading type! And they’re packing a laser pistol”.

The exchange of fire continued for a few seconds more. When the smoke cleared, six bodies lay on the ground and one was bound at the Med-Judge’s feet.

“Bagged and tagged him.”

Dusting themselves off the Judges looked around.

“What’s this? A giant snow cone?”

“I used the riot foam on him – he’s going nowhere but straight to the cubes.”

“That’s a negative. Code 3613: Attempted murder of a Street Judge… There’s only one sentence.”

Back on the Lawmasters, the Judges continued on their way to the Sector House.

“Always nice to take a little shopping trip.”

“Yeah, those Juves wanted to spend a day at the mall. But instead they got… mauled.”