Barbarian! Celt Preview…

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We’ve been keeping images of our superb forthcoming 28mm multi-part hard plastic Celts under wraps for some time now but now we’re ready to unveil one of the menacing, tattoo-covered warriors to an unsuspecting world…

Preview of the forthcoming Warlord Games plastic Celts

We’re very proud of this plastic set – we feel it sets the bar very high for plastic historical miniatures. That won’t stop us trying to beat this high standard with future plastic sets though!

We’ve really captured the individualistic nature of these tribal warriors and the multi-part nature of the kit means you have a remarkable number of posing options which can only add to the feel of a horde of battle-crazed warriors eager to get at the enemy battleline.

Watch this space – we’ll be showing off more of our Celts over the next few days!


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