Available at Salute 2015!

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It’s almost here… that magical time of year that is known as ‘Salute!


This Saturday, the EXCEL Centre in the heart of the London Docklands will see more than 100 wargames traders and in excess of 8000 customers converge.

We’re Salute veterans – having had a stand at the show since our inception… and this year, we’re going bigger and better than ever – you’ll find us right infront of the entrance doors, with a veritable army of Red Shirts!
SaluteOf course – Salute wouldn’t be Salute without a few exclusives, sneaky-peeks at up-coming releases, and maybe even a few surprises along the way…

For all of you that can’t attend on the day, we’ll keep an eager eye out, and we’ll post an after-action report in next Wednesday’s Newsletter – so keep watching!

In the mean time… for those who are attending, here’s a little taster of what you can expect…

German Grenadiers Plastic Box Set

German Grenadiers Models

Hurry to stand TB08 – we have a limited supply of the BRAND SPANKING NEW German Grenadier Plastic Box Set available on the day for a few lucky customers…

The plastic sprues are due to arrive with us on Friday, so the warehouse team will be frantically packing as many boxes as we can manage beforehand – but stocks are very much limited, so make sure that you head straight for our stand for your chance to be one of the lucky few to pick them up before they start shipping from our warehouse!

Stug III ausf G or StuH 42 Plastic Box Set


Our latest plastic vehicle kit – the Stug – is in stock, and we’ll ensure that we have a mass of them ready and waiting on the stand!

Stug Zug Box Set


…and since we have the Grenadiers and the Stug revved-up and ready to go, we’ll also have the Stug Zug kit ready and waiting!

The Stug Zug contains three plastic Stug kits (each of which may be assembled to represent the Stug III ausf G, or the StuH 42) – and six plastic German Begleit riders!


Jagdtiger Preview…and finally, our resin department are currently working on getting the first few Jagdtigers cast and ready – so a lucky handful of customers will be able to get their hands on this heavyweight on the day! (ahead of general release!)


So – what are you waiting for? Get your ticket booked – there is really no show quite like it… we have some real treats in store… here are just some of the highlights:

  • You will be have the opportunity to be one of the first to get your hands on the upcoming German Grenadiers plastic box set, we will have the first run of these available ahead of release – while stocks last!
  • The plastic Stug III & Stug Zug will also be available to buy on the day.
  • DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND – Pike & Shotte Supplement released at the show! Supported by a full Thirty Years War game run by the amazing Abingdon Wargames Club!
  • The Beta version of GATES OF ANTARES is in full flow. Rick Priestley will be on hand to talk to about the future of the… future… Nick and a few other guys will be on hand to help run you through a demonstration of the rules mechanics. There are even some army deals ready to go!
  • We have a massive BOLT ACTION range – including nearly 100 of the “Mail Order only” vehicles. Supported by the superb attack on Pegasus Bridge game run by the Phoenix Club.
  • A wonderful variety of HAIL CAESAR, PIKE & SHOTTE and BLACK POWDER rules, box sets and blisters.
  • And the full ARMY PAINTER range of sprays, paints, brushes, glues, tools and hobby supplies!
  • Studio staff on hand to show you the amazing skills of both digital and organic sculpting, figure painting and book design.

As well as a huge selection of goodies for you to be able to purchase we will be showing off a lot of as-yet unseen projects!

And don’t forget to look out for Alessio Cavatore – you might just end up with a certain yet to be released ‘click together’ plastic sprue!