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Cruel Seas: Armed Trawler

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With the action on the coastal waters heating up, more ships are required! Consider if you will the Armed Trawler, a stopgap (or backbone) of many a navy!


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In Cruel Seas, the focus may be on the fast MTB’s but these boats were also ably supported by many hundreds of other craft, from purpose-built landing ships, sloops and corvettes to converted trawlers thrust into the joys of minesweeping.

There is great fun in researching these plucky little vessels, and even greater pleasure in gaming them on the wargames table. What they may lack in speed, armour or hitting power, they make up for in character, specialisation and being economic to field in your flotillas.


  • 1x resin & metal armed trawler
  • Ship card
  • Wake marker

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Get Started with the Coastal battles

The Cruel Seas Starter Set ‘Stike Hard, Strike Fast’ contains everything you need to command your flotilla in this fast-paced 1/300th scale tabletop game.

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Begin your Royal Naval Fleet

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