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For the first time and this weekend only, get your Antarean Mercenary Togg as you descend to fight on Chryseis III.

Togg Kin’Ru is a unique human-morph whose origins remain a mystery. Rescued from the wreckage of a spacecraft by savages as a child, he has no memories of his own world or people. Brought up by savage warriors and subsequently recruited by Freeborn as a mercenary fighter, he combines the courage and determination of a primitive with massive physical development and astonishing intelligence. Today this lone survivor roams the Spill, searching Antarean space for the homeworld which he has never known.


Model painted by Lizzie Stephens, RK Studio

FREE Rules

Download a Free PDF for this rock hard mercenary, providing the full rules and background for this intriguing Antarean character:
Free Togg PDF

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Don’t forget, on Antares day, if you grab the upgraded tickets, you can get both Togg and the Antares Dice game!


Take on the battling forces of the Concord IMTel, the symbiotic Isorians, the bio-adapted Boromites, the twisted Ghar Empire or the warlike Algoryn Prosperate to claim control of the Gates that lead to new planetary systems to trade and colonise.

Check out the full rules set here.

With each faction bringing a unique twist to the otherwise simple rules, roll the Skirmish dice to score victories on your campaign and claim the Gate. Each player’s round represents a military offensive that will give the chance for scoring victories, but be aware of the Fate dice opponents will play against you as they can twist your results and turn a clear victory into a total failure!

Check out the gameplay video here:


  • 6 pages rulebook
  • 22 dice
  • 5 army faction cards
  • 1 gate system card

Antares Day Tickets


Antares Day Skirmish ticket 1 July 2017 £15

  • Free figure – Togg the mercenary.
  • Limited print run of Togg rules – signed by Rick Priestley & Wojtek.
  • Access to event hall
  • Entry to seminars.
  • Open Gaming tables.
  • Goody bag – including the fast action Antares Dice Game.

View Skirmish ticket details

Antares Day ‘Scout’ Ticket 1st July 2017 – £5

  • Access to event hall
  • Open Gaming tables
  • Entry to seminars

View Scout ticket details

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