20% discount on Pike & Shotte box sets

With the Dragoons, Harquebusiers and Thirty Years War Swordsmen not being in stock for quite a while we thought we would celebrate their return by reducing the price of the following Pike & Shotte box sets for a week (until the 24th May 2013) as a way of saying thank you to everyone for your patience.

Get yourself over to the Pike & Shotte section on our webstore as you can see there are savings to be had in both our Thirty Years War and English Civil War ranges.

You can also use the money you save to treat yourself to the cracking Pike & Shotte rulebook if for some crazy reason you don’t already own it already!

The rulebook covers the Italian Wars, Tudor Wars, Thirty Years War, English Civil Wars, and The War of the Grand Alliance this full-colour 208-page hardback book is chock full of exquisitely painted miniatures, army lists and battle reports.

As you can see from the fabulous cover, the book covers more than just English Civil War and Thirty Years War.  A labour of love, written by Steve Morgan, the book also covers the Italian Wars, Tudor Wars in the British Isles and War of the Grand Alliance.

The format of the inner pages will be a familiar one to those who already own our Hail Caesar and Black Powder rulebooks – loads of eye candy to back up the rules! With 208 pages in the book you’ll be ket busy for some time digesting the rules or drooling over the photographs or beautifully painted miniatures.

With every copy of Pike & Shotte rulebook bought directly from us you’ll receive this beautiful exclusive sculpt of the figure on the front of the book – Hugo Raleigh, ensign of the King’s Guard!

Sculpted by our own Wojtek, Hugo Raleigh is supplied with a steel baner pole and full-colour paper King’s Guard colours. This will allow you the freedom to add him into your army as any ensign, or easily converted into an officer or standard bearer.